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Monday, February 1, 2021

Welcome, Welcome to the Shit Show!

 Well, welcome to the shitshow.

My life has never been chronological, un-chaotic, nor organized in the sense of following conventional norms. 

In the interests of creating a world that matches more of what resonates with me, I'm starting this blog. Let's be fucking imperfect together. Why should you take advice from me? 

You shouldn't. 

You should find what resonates with YOU in life, daily interactions, in overarching themes and patterns, and if something you find here is helpful, shweet. If not, that's okay too. I've never been for everyone, and I'm paradoxically struggling with putting my life out there and maintaining my fierce need for privacy.

However, if you're looking for qualifications, I have those in fuckin' SPADES! Here's my soul journey/fuck-up list of accomplishments that have not killed me yet...

  • B.S. of Business Administration, focus on MIS, Minor in Communications, WVU, 2002 (thanks, I hated every minute of it, math is AWFUL, and that D in calculus is completely acceptable to me)
  • Nervous breakdown, south Florida, 2010
  • Divorce, 2010-2011
  • Bankruptcy, 2011 (yep, all the bills were in my name! Woot!)
  • Foreclosure, 2010-2012 (this was fun, a long-time unraveling of working in the mortgage wholesale market before, during, and after the...)
  • '08 Housing Crisis (CTX, JPMorgan Chase Subprime, other cokehead private brokers)
  • 2016 Bernie campaign, 2016 DNC Convention, Philly (of the entire list, this probably came closest to killing me multiple times over the years)
  • Masters of Social Work, WVU, 2016. I purposely mentioned this last. My profession is as a therapist, and I've been pretty successful in my little corner of the world for going on five years. Social work and therapy are about empirical research and proven methods of treatment, and my intention is to keep this completely separate from this blog. One might think that's foolish, but I feel that my personal journey should not reflect upon my clients; I'm a Gestaltist psychotherapist by practice, using myself "as the chair", while maintaining a blank canvass for people to project upon, rage at, and do difficult work in healing. To me, these two parts of my life need to stay concretely separate as they are whole in their own rite. 
Anyway. Let's talk about fuckin' aliens, planetary conjunctions, spell-casting, and SOWING OUR SPRING SEEDS for Imbolc 2021! Let's get weird around here, y'all. 


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