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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Aliens vs. Religion: How do I?

It seems that worldwide, we're inching closer and closer to some semblance of a "full disclosure" of alien life inhabiting our planet. We've had everything from congressional briefings to focus groups to whistleblowers, the creation of governmental organizations and online portals for sight reports... so what's next? How do we deal?

First off, if you're wondering what I'm talking about, check out these articles:
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So now that we're seeing these starting to roll out, how does one come to terms with their religious beliefs now that we're finding out that alien contact has likely answered some of life's longest mysteries? How do we deal with neighborly disagreements on the topic? Here's a list of helpful ways to "stretch" your brain to allow for a wider, more inclusive perspective.

1. Let yourself grieve, feel confusion, be angry, experience fear, allow for lack of control. Cry. Scream. Go for a (safe) drive to your favorite music. Realize that you are not alone in feeling complicated feelings that might conflict. Allow yourself to limit your exposure to media you're taking in, don't overwhelm yourself unnecessarily. Do your best to avoid black-and-white thinking ("things must be all good or all bad"). Recognize that the planet has "shades of gray" for all things, life included.

2. Talk it out. Find common ground with others in your circle to "check in" on each other. Discuss your fears. Allow for grievances to be aired. Avoid taking another's opinion or feelings as a personal affliction. If someone appears to be escalated or irate, avoid discussions with them until they are able to regulate their reactions. Common ground is never found when one is in crisis or chaotic thinking; allow people time to come around.

3. Realize that there is room for religious discussion as well as logical ones. Just as the stories of the Bible were likely more true than we could conceptualize, we may begin observing and bearing witness to strange things we've only read about. Treat each other with grace and respect. Use this time to practice empathy and compassion for others who are having a harder time with their world view. This isn't a race; this is a chance for all to recognize that life has so much more for us all than we could have ever imagined.

4. There is room for God/Allah/Creator. Just because we are not alone in the universe does not mean that there is not an overarching, overseeing authority. No one should be forced or mocked about their current beliefs; all life on this planet evolves, and this may be an important piece of our lives where the spiritual and tangible converge.

5. Limit your exposure to media. Anytime we feel overwhelmed, we often make it worse by scrolling, scrolling, scrolling for more information to attempt to gain control. Limit your daily intake of media on the topic, as to allow yourself to ground in what you know in your environment. Try tactile disctraction or mindfulness (chew an ice cube, take a cold shower, name five red items in the room around you, etc.). This is not a race; there is plenty of information to take in, and at this point, slow and steady seems reasonable.

People will be angry. People will feel very discombobulated by their fear and lack of control. Do your best to avoid escalating situations such as this, and often we see people partaking in illegal activities to combat this (looting, setting fires, violent acts, etc.). Keep in mind that life has likely always been this way, and our ignorance to it is not a reason to tantrum. Give as much compassion and empathy as you can muster to others, and most importantly, to yourself.

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