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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Republican Jesus

It seems an odd pairing, right? Christians, who by text and virtrue proclaim to live as Jesus lived, and Republicans favor the rich and privileged. When did this start? How far back did the marriage of privilege and social scarcity protections begin to flirt together?

Did it begin with Reagan? With his de-regulating in the late '80's? Was it before that?

This all loosely fits in with my theories on capitalism, binary society, and the US being founded upon principles of white supremacy and its cover of "religious freedom". Wages had been strong, tax bases high, society was flourishing, infrastructure maintained. How did the principles of the Bible (translated laregly by groups of men throughout history) begin to get twisted into guilt-inducing "bootstrap" society? Was this a massive failure of an experiment, where it was assumed inherently that human beings would be incapable of bettering society without being starved or placed in direct competition with their brothers and neighbors? Without purchasing "toys" [trophies] and useless mounds of plastic, would American society know if they "made it"? What the fuck even is the "American Dream" if it's only for white people, at the expense of the native society of this land and the black people we dragged here to serve us? This seems the biggest bullshit heist of cover, which could only come about if those in control could also determine curriculum, history books, what was retold and what was buried. Could this white supremacy exist and flourish without being hand-in-hand with the "conservative Christian principles"? And how is it that even when it is pointed out ad nauseum with examples and critical acclaim, oppressed people are gaslit into silence?

Again, as most of my thoughts center around this, who is to benefit? Someone is, or these things wouldn't have been orchestrated together so intricately that people would feel they were fighting the "invisible evil"; Christians waiting for persecution and the second coming, were they set up this victimhood-waiting-to-happen? Was this how a country founded upon "divide and conchor" put a nuance into play that would two centuries later allow for society to turn against each other, fighting not "evil", but the ignorance and inability to critically think, and thus fighting each other? Again - who benefits?

It is clearer and clearer to me that American politics are not about "party" - they are about class warfare; maintaining it, and keeping others below us.

Ask yourself why, ask yourself if you're participating, and ask yourself if this is benefitting your community.

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  1. My Aunt Sona walked in my room as I started reading this. It makes me sad because I truly believe it is programming for profit. This is very well written and I am glad I finally got caught up on your blogs. Good shit. Super proud of you.