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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Nobody Likes You

Democratic-leaning voters often care more about being liked and palatable than they do about making systemic, lasting change. Are you one of them?

I'm just going to come out and say it: "vote blue no matter who" is like a scam. Progressives in West Virginia are way too smug about "stupid hillbilly rednecks". What happens when you've been duped, and continue to boast about it?

Well, if you're too proud and ego-driven to admit that you're wrong, you'll continue operating within corruption, pleading with people who don't give a shit about you, because "then we'd have to start over, what about all that we have put in to elect those we have, how can we just abandon ship"? You. Walk. Away. And. Take. Your. Delegates. With. You.

If you understand mafia tactics (yes, I said MAFIA), you'd understand exactly the travesty that went down at the most recent WV State Democratic Executive Committee meeting. Black appalachians were shouted down, ridiculed, and belittled into silence. Read about this here, and view this in its entirety here. Smooth strong-arming is a tactic. Gaslighting and isolation are tactics. Silencing community representatives and flooding the vote with others whom are like-minded... you guessed it, tactics. As are the following: smoke-and-mirrors demographics and lack of representation, shaming those who speak the bare truth, inherent/direct threats, shill promises, code of silence, accusing others of what you are doing secretly, paying upward, selling your soul to elevate your position, changing the subject, using others' want to belong, ... tactics. Read about these here.

What happens when the corrupt institution would rather retain power by ceding it to the "other side" instead of being willing to turn it over to the people? What happens when these people are all the same behind closed doors? What happens when these corrupt people admit these things to the people in plain sight and nothing changes? What happens when an individual's want to be liked and "belong" is used against them, causing assimilation or ostracization through fear?

Progressives are so busy fighting the "boogey man"; the inconsequential statistical "redneck". Progressives whom are not intimate with the working populus of WV turning against its "labor party" for corruption is dangerously underestimated in conjunction with "the stupid voter who votes against his own best interest". What if progressives missed the entire point? What if it isn't so much about "voting against my best interest" as it is "I'd rather someone tell me that they're going in without lube before they fuck me in the ass"?

Yes, that's right. Some people would rather vote against their own best interests because they're tired of being sold crumbs with golden promises, they're tired of drinking shitty water and watching their family members get "rare" cancers by the dozens, they're tired of following the rules only to have them changed for those in charge, they're tired of being sold fake promise and realizing they're going to die regardless. And at this point, as hopeless as they are, they do not care if the "smart city people" call them idiots. In fact, they've created a demogogue and proudly wave their flags of hate to show you how tired they are, and they seem to be organizing. All because they've become the voiceless, the hopeless, the powerless, and instead of acting arrogant with "intelligence" they've turned to their next closest emotion: hate. One thing the "right" has perfected: the art and ability to be unlikable and to stand by it.

Will the dem-leaning voters of West Virginia remove their heads from their asses in time to effect systemic change? Depends if they're willing to make difficult decisions, willing to stand on their own and walk away from "hive mentality", willing to risk being "disliked" for standing for what is right instead of following a corrupt institution that is glaringly baring their panties and flaunting their inaction.

Will you risk your "reputation" by standing for what is right to the school bully? Will you walk away from a toxic table and build your own vehicle, organizing your community for change? Can you stand up to the majority saying "Nobody likes you"?

It took me a long time to understand why others said "parts of the left are just as toxic as parts of the right". I was wrong. I was participating in furthering the corruption by a want to see change, but an inability to see my ignorance. We can change how we see each other in West Virginia, and we can have OUR representatives register to a different party. It's going to take difficult conversations, and issue-focused campaigns, but are you willing to build something for all, or are you too enamored with what you've put in? I guess those answers are individual to each person, and whether their end-goal is to build inclusive communities or to catapault their own interests.

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